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The town of Přerov lies on the Bečva River at 49º north latitude and 17º east longitude and is an important road junction and the very heart of Moravia.

, an image opens in a new windowThis locality was already settled in the prehistoric age which is witnessed by the world-known archaeological site at Přerov-Předmostí. The oldest written mention of Přerov dates back to 1141 ; in 1256 it was raised to the status of a royal town under Přemysl Otakar II. Later, Přerov became a residence of nobility for a long time, namely of the Houses of Pernstein and Žerotín. Přerov is deservedly called a town of Blahoslav and Comenius, the two greatest personalities of the Unity of Brethren. The contemporary Přerov attracts visitors by its preserved urban conservation zone with burgher houses from the 15th and 16th centuries, rest of medieval town walls with portcullis and a mansion house adapted in Renaissance style where Comenius Museum is located at present with its precious exhibits comprising both archaeological findings, minerals and an entomological collection as well as an exhibited classroom from the Comenius´s time.

, an image opens in a new windowEven the Michalov Town Park extending over 17 hectares and proclaimed a cultural monument in 1992 can be seen from the mansion tower. The "Lagoons" Sports & Recreation Area with a skatepark and bicross track is available for your leisure activities. The ORNIS Ornithological Station provides you a bit of education as it is the largest exhibition of birds in Central Europe. The "Žebračka"/"Woman Begger" National Nature Reserve, intersected by the "Through the Floodplain of Přerov " Educational Path focussed on local history & geography, are also worth seeing. Do not let the opportunity to visit the well-known Přerov-Předmostí archaeological locality slip away as it documents life in the mammoth period about 25000 years ago. Here you can visit a small Mammoth Museum within premises of the local primary school, the Monument to Mammoth Hunters or set out for a walk on the "Through Předmostí To the Prehistory"educational path.

, an image opens in a new windowIn the town centre, the Town House - a significant building from 1897 built in Neo-Ranaissance style with a rich stucco decoration and Art Nouveau elements can be seen. It is a cultural and social centre where various theatre performances, concerts and social events take place. The Czechoslovak Jazz Festival with international participation and a tradition dating back to 1966 ranks among the most significant music events. In case you would like to do some sports, visit the swimming area, skate in line on cycle routes, utilize one of many tennis courts or skate in the winter stadium. Perhaps every motorcycle lover should know the "Přerov Gulch Area" which hosts autocross & motocross races of European level. If dense clouds appear over Přerov, no problem, there is still the "Hvězda"/"Star" Cinema, "Přerovský Kašpárek"/ "Punch of Přerov" Marionette Theatre waiting for your visit or numerous sports centres where you can play squash, bowling, mini-golf, badminton or just do some exercise. Of course, you cannot manage everything within a single day and therefore utilize one of 18 accomodation facilities of different categories offering their services in Přerov. Refresh yourself in one of many restaurants, snack bars or fast foods. Do not forget to taste both the ZUBR /"Wisent" beer and the "Hanácká kyselka" mineral  water.

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