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Urban conservation zone

Horní náměstí
Upper Square belongs with its Gothic& Renaissance-style and partly Baroque-style houses from the end of the 15th century to the town´s historic core.

The most valuable house is no. 31, called House of Corvinus, with a Renaissance portal from 1570. High medieval town walls surround the whole square. In the middle of the square there is the Statue of Jan Blahoslav.

Town Walls

Medieval town walls with ten preserved bastions and a porter´s lodge surrounding the whole Upper Square of Přerov date back to 15th century. Two town gates were their integral parts until the 19th century. The town walls are at several places up to 10 metres high and decorate the historic centre of the town. A statue of the Roman god of the sea Neptune is placed below the town walls and its surrounding serves as a rest zone. ikona souboruPDF

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GPS: 49°27'19.703"N, 17°27'5.308"E

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