Hillock, called Upper Town, was populated in prehistoric times and the first stage of this process is represented by a settlement from the bronze age, around 1500 B.C. (The findings in Předmosti, which is a part of Přerov, prove the presence of mammoth hunters 20 – 25 thousand years ago.)

In 1225 Přerov was recognised as a market village with population of approximately 300. On 28 January 1256, during the reign of King Přemysl Otakar II, Přerov became a town as thanks for the bravery and loyalty of local inhabitants during a battle with the army of Hungarian king Bela IV. The history of Přerov was greatly influenced by the families of Žerotin´s and Pernštejn´s, which had been the owners of the town since 1487 for more than 100 years. During their ownership, Přerov became an important cultural centre, a seat of the bishop of Czech Brethren, and also a place of activity of Czech Brethren’s school., an image opens in a new window The author of the Czech Grammar, Jan Blahoslav, was born here in 1523. His statue can be found in Horní náměstí (Upper Square). “The teacher of nations”, Jan Amos Komenský (Commenius), was teaching at the school of Czech Brethren’s between 1608 and 1611, and from 1614 until 1618 he worked as a teacher and assistant of bishop Lánecký. The museum of J.A.Commenius is located in Přerov´s castle and was founded in 1887 as the first museum of this kind in Central Europe.

During the period between 1618 and 1648 the Thirty-year war took place and meant a great disaster for the town, which was destroyed, plundered and lost almost one third of the population. Plagues and several destructive fires continued in the destruction during the following decades.

Building of the railway in 1841 meant a great impulse for the development of the town (by the end of the 19th century the railway station was the biggest in the country and became an important railway junction.) Food and heavy industry developed in Přerov and also cultural development of the 60´s in town was significant. In 1865 the first Farming school in Moravia, and in 1870 the third Czech Grammar school were founded. Nowadays, Přerov has a population of 50 000 and has become an important industrial, administrative and cultural centre of the region.

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