Churches of Přerov

St. George Church (Horní náměstí St.)

a Baroque building with Romanesque foundations and well-preserved medieval portal from the 11th century. In 1868, it was nearly destroyed by fire. During the First Republic, the Church was rebuilt by F. Sahánek, the custodian of the Pfierov Museum. At that time, a painting of St. George became the new property of the Church. In the years 1981?1986, the interion of the Church was adapted ? a new sacrificial table and new pews were made, the Church was redecorated in its roof repaired.

St. Lawrence Parish Church (Kratochvílova St.)

this single-nave building was founded in 1525 and rebuilt in Baroque style in 1729. The oldest bell of Pfierov hangs in its tower. This bell was made by the bell founder Václav in 1482 and transported into Pfierov after World War II. A Baroque chapel, coming from 1722, is situated closely to the Church. The most significant renewal works took place here in the years 1983?1985, when the wall were repaired, the Church was redecorated and its altarpieces and sculptures were restored.

St. Michael Church (Šířava St.)

a former Gothic building that suffered many disasters in its history. It was plundered by the Swedes in 1643, completely demolished

in 1718 and built again in the following four years. Besides, the Church was damaged badly by a thunderbolt in 1787 and burnt down by a huge fire of Pfierov in 1868. The recent reconstruction took place in 1974.

St. Cyril and Method Orthodox Church (Wilsonova St.)

a former synagogue. It is supposed to be about 400 years old. Jewish divine services have been held here until 1941 and the synagogue became the property of the Orthodox Church in the early fifties.

The Evangelical Church (Velké Novosady St.)

it was built in 1905. With its simplicity of style and practical design it differs considerably from the other Evangelical Church buildings of that time. The statue of John Amos Commenius can be found in front of the Church.

St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church (Předmostí St.)

a single nave Rococo building from 1772.

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