Natural heritage

National nature reserve

Žebračka, the area of which is 234 900 m2, was proclaimed a national nature reserve on 4 June 1949 and belongs to the oldest nature reserves in the region. This park represents a unique reminder of originally vast alluvial forests in the alluvial plain of the Bečva.

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The Michalov Park

The Michalov Park is the largest park in Přerov due to its total area of more than 16 hectares. Owing to its exceptional architecture, it was proclaimed a cultural monument. Further it was registered as a significant landscape element with rich flora& fauna of original floodplain forest.

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The Lagoons

The "Lagoons" Sports & Recreation Area arose close to the "Žebračka" Woman Begger" National Nature Reserve in places where sand & gravel was excavated in the 70´s of the last century. In the excavated areas, not too far away from the town centre, three water surfaces - so-called "lagoons" have arisen.

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Ornithological Centre (Ornis)


Ornithological Centre, the seat of the Natural Science Department of the Comenius Museum in Přerov, was built in 1938 by Moravian Ornithological Society. The exhibition hall houses a unique exhibition "The Birds of the Czech Republic".

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The River Bečva


The Town of Přerov is divided into two parts by the Bečva River rising in the Beskydy Mountains. It was a favourite place to swim in the past century. The Bečva River has already demonstrated its power several times. The worst year was 1997 when not only Přerov, but Moravia as a whole was hit by destructive flooding.

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