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Almost 9 kilometres long tour starts at the Předmostí housing estate, not far away from the famous Skalka archaeological site. The Monument to Mammoth Hunters commemorates the world-famous findings thus uniquely presenting skeletal remnants of prehistoric animals.

Interpretation boards with both prehistoric and modern history of Předmostí and those showing local particularities are placed around all the route leading through an attractive landscape. We will see the Přerov Gulch autocross race track, the untraditional "Monument to Fruit Trees", the "School Hill" educational area, a life-sized young mammoth statue as well as the "Na Popovickém kopci" Protected Landscape Area during our sightseeing tour. After a pleasant walk through the nature, we will come back to Předmostí and visit a small museum of archaeology within premises of the local primary school.

Předmostí locality of the mammoth hunters

, an image opens in a new windowPředmostí is recorded in all textbooks of history an archaeology thanks to the prehistoric settlement of the mammoth hunters, because of the discovery of the settlement of the mammoth hunters from 27-26 000 BC, the Předmostí locality became world known at the end of the 19th century. Other findings prove continuing colonization till 1362. At the turn of the 20th century scientists found here bones of a thousand mammoths from the last ice age. At that time the animals were migrating through the Moravan Gate from Austria to Poland and back. Přerov´s hills being so close to water spring  the Bečva River  made ideal place for stone age people for not only watching the run of animals but for living as well. In 1894 the archaeologist Karel Jaroslav Maška discovered a mass grave of 20 primeval people, who lived there 25 000 years BC. The experts found out that it was a separate evolutionary human species which was denominated Homo Predmostensis. Such a high number of findings proved that Moravia was the centre of the continent in its times where mammoths and people lived side by side and people hunted them for living. The memorial plaque was placed in the locality of the mammoth hunters in 1971 as a reminder of this important event. The visitors of Přerov can visit the Educational trail of mammoth hunters, which passes through the finding fields and leads to the Čekyně hill. On the trail you can see the 2,5 m long sculpture of a mammoth cub or the new memorial of the mammoth hunters. The prehistoric exhibition is placed in the basement of the Elementary school in Předmostí.


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Sculpture of a mammoth cub: 49°29'7.035"N, 17°25'53.767"E

The Monument to Mammoth Hunters: 49°27'59.368"N, 17°26'15.833"E

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The Monument to Mammoth Hunters:

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