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Přerov gulch

The modern history of Přerov is closely linked to motor races. The race course of Přerovská rokle (Přerov gulch) has welcomed the motocross and autocross drivers from all over the world since the 50´s of the 20th century.

The first official motocross in Přerovská rokle was held in June 1950. It soon became the part of the Championship of Czechoslovakia . The first international motocross was held here in 1958, and the most valuable event, the Grand Prix of Přerov in motocross of 500 ccm, was held 3 years later – on June 4, 1961. It was first such an event in Czechoslovakia which was part of the World Championship. The World Championship was held here seven times after that (in 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1972 and 1974). The last motocross which also welcomed foreign participants, the International Czech Republic Championship, was held in Přerovská rokle in 1997. Since then, the autocross events have become more popular.

Autocross has the home rights in Předmostí, because the first autocross in Czechoslovakia, also international, was held on October 26, 1969 in the clay pit of the brick works in Předmostí. When held for the second time, it also took place in “The Valley of Mammoths“ (and the race had the same name). The third year, in 1972, autocross in Přerovská rokle was the part of the 1st Championship of Czechoslovakia. Since 1986, the races in Přerovská rokle have been permanently the part of the Championship of the Republic. In 1997, TomᚠHrdinka appeared in the Czech and consequently in European autocross. He initiated the significant rebuilding of the race course in 1998. The same year, the race of the series of the European Championship was held there for the first time. In 1999, TomᚠHrdinka won in Přerovská rokle, and thus gained the first title in the prestigious division 3 up to 3500 ccm in the history of the Czech Republic.

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