The Lagoons

The "Lagoons" Sports & Recreation Area arose close to the "Žebračka" Woman Begger" National Nature Reserve in places where sand & gravel was excavated in the 70´s of the last century. In the excavated areas, not too far away from the town centre, three water surfaces - so-called "lagoons" have arisen.

The largest one was adapted for a natural swimming pond. The sports & recreation area is of course equipped with indispensable sanitary appliances, refreshment and other sports activity options. Traditional dragon boat races take place every summer. The lagoons are also utilized for fishing venues. The smallest one, however, has been left to natural evolution enabling us to observe life of the manifold water ecosystems which featured this landscape in the past.


GPS: Velká Laguna 49°27'35.908"N, 17°28'2.584"E