Ornithological Centre (Ornis)

Ornithological Centre, the seat of the Natural Science Department of the Comenius Museum in Přerov, was built in 1938 by Moravian Ornithological Society. The exhibition hall houses a unique exhibition "The Birds of the Czech Republic".

Exposition "The Birds of the Czech Republic"

The exhibition belongs to one of the most extensive in our country and can be compared to the collection of the National Museum in Prague. The exposition was badly damaged by the floods in 1997. Nowadays, the exposition contains 1 100 birds. The objects, that the public can see, represent only a small part of the whole collection, which contains more than 20 thousand pieces. The first objects for ornithological collection were acquired in the first half of the 20th century. Systematic creating of the collection started after 1970. Presently, new objects into the collection are selected only from naturally died animals. Part of the collection in Moravian Ornithological Centre is created by a precious and fragile collection of eggs. (PDF)

GPS: Ornis: 49°27'34.708"N, 17°27'40.638"E

Ornis: http://www.mapy.cz/#x=140107168@y=133808512@z=16@mm=PfFP