Prominent personalities

Jan Blahoslav 1523 - 1571

A famous native of Přerov, bishop, diplomat and educationalist of the Unity of Brethren, linguist, music theorist and composer. Classic translation of the New Testament, inspiring suggestions for Czech translation of the Bible, enhancing the Czech language and the songs of the amotuly hymn book assured Jan Blahoslav an unforgettable place in the Czech national history.

Karel starší ze Žerotína 1564 - 1636

Charles the Older of Žerotín. Country administrator of the Margraviate of Moravia, educated lawyer and statesman, dedicated adherent to the Unity of Brethren and protector of Comenius. Famous for his merits for overall prosperity of the city.

Jan Willenberger 1571 - 1613

graphic artist

Jan Amos Komenský 1592 - 1670

Jan Amos Comenius, Teacher of nations, theologian, philosopher, and statesman - studied in Přerov at the renowned schoul of the Unity of Brethren, started his educational aktivity here as well and prepared himself for extensive theological, scientific and literary activities. He contracted his marriage with Mandalena Vizovská in Přerov.

Jakub Škoda 1835 - 1885

educationalist, founder of the Czech grammer school

František Slaměník 1845 - 1919

founder of the Comenius' Museum

Jiří Mahen 1882 - 1939

writer and publicist

Augustin Mervart 1889 - 1968


František Rasch 1889 - 1918

one of the organizers of the Boka Kotorska mutiny

Josef Baják 1906 - 1980


Emanuel Zahradníček

student, the first victim of fascism

Oldřich Mikulášek 1910 - 1985


Josef Kainar 1917 - 1971


František Venclovský 1932 - 1996

the first conqueror of the Englich Channel

Lubomír Pleva 1929 1998

musician, pedagogue, world champion in harmonica playing